Dakota Staff Participate in NIST's ITL Science Day

October 1, 2014

Six Dakota employees presented posters and gave demonstrations of their recent work at the NIST Information Technology Lab (ITL) Science Day. Dakota presentations, highlighted computer science research applicable to cyber security, Big Data, and Health IT, and included:

  • Dr. Meltem Sonmez Turan - Poster: "Multiplicative Complexity of Boolean Functions"
  • Mr. Antoine Fillinger - Poster: "Smart America App Challenge: Data Logger & Playback"
  • Mr. Lukas Diduch - Poster: "Data Logger and Playback for an Integrated Clinical Environment"
  • Mr. Jing Gao - Live and interactive demonstration: "Interactive Measurements of Terabyte-Sized 3D Images"
  • Dr. Yooyoung Lee - Poster: "Generalizing Face Quality and Factor Measures to Video"
  • Dr. George Awad - Poster: "TRECVID - Learning context for video search"