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Our Services
Cybersecurity Services

Dakota provides a comprehensive range of Information Technology (IT) Security Services. We understand IT Security architecture models and maintain currency on the array of FIPS and NIST Special Publications. We have experience in performing all phases of the authorization process using the NIST Risk Management Framework, FedRAMP, and DIACAP methodologies. We provide full IT Security program support services including FISMA compliance, policy and procedure writing, continuous monitoring, and independent verification and validation support.

Software Engineering Services

Dakota provides the entire range of life-cycle services necessary to develop and implement IT systems. Dakota's processes are based on our experience implementing industry best practices and our first hand knowledge of what it takes to build and implement software solutions. While adept at all software life cycle methodologies (incremental, waterfall, iterative, prototyping) we've had more success using an iterative develop, test, and integrate agile methodology. Complete project functionality is developed in a series of iterations (sprints) that build functionality up, allowing early testing of core features, and continual user feedback. These practices allow stakeholders to quickly test functionality to see how well it meets expectations. Key to our successful delivery of software solutions is our ability to adapt our internal process to our customer's methodology and commitment to the benefit of collaborative team work.

Management and IT Services

Dakota provides complete range of portfolio, program, and project management support services. We have the essential skill set, training and certifications to lead or support mission projects; develop, implement, and execute a project management office (PMO) for consistent execution of IT and security projects; and provide oversight and reporting at the portfolio level. We excel at developing innovative, cost-effective, customer-focused solutions to the many challenges experienced by IT and Business Managers: unfunded mandates, budget reductions, changes in security requirements, multi-site implementation, short-term studies, market research, technical evaluations, legacy systems, business practice changes. We use our ITIL and project management expertise to tailor solutions that meet our customers' needs.

Scientific Research, Engineering, and Technical Services

Dakota provides scientific, technical, and engineering support services to meet mission needs. We recognize adaptability is required, especially when performing activities in support of Federal projects. In our support of science organizations; we appreciate that there are several needs that must always be addressed: safety is always a requirement and adherence to well-established methodology is mandatory for traceability. Our technical and research staff have the credentials, experience, and motivation to find solutions to our customers' interesting problems.

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