Maisha Harris

Manager, Human Resources

Maisha Harris is a human resources professional with over 17 years of communications and human capital experience within federal and state government, international development and the non-profit consulting industry.

She has built her experiences around high-volume recruitment efforts, employee relations and communications, along with her professional development mentorship. One of her biggest accomplishments to date has been assisting with leading the spinoff and acquisition of a privately held international development organization to a larger well-known management and consulting firm which helped expand the company’s portfolio, revenue and reach.

Maisha values her professional business relationships because each opportunity has provided her with a greater understanding of capacity, knowledge and a new skillset to take on and advance each company that she serves.

Outside of work, Maisha enjoys the little things like spending time with family, music, meditation, and studying herbs for natural health. Lastly, you can find Maisha looking for the best red velvet cheesecake in the DC Metro area as her guilty pleasure.