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Giving Back
Environmentally Friendly Practices: Green Dakota
Highlighting the environmentally friendly initiatives of Dakota Consulting, Inc.

At Dakota Consulting, Inc. we utilize a variety of energy efficient and green practices at our corporate office in Silver Spring, Maryland. Our practices focus on the “three R's”:

Reduce: Electronically distribute paychecks, employee handbooks, company forms and documentation.

Reuse: Office furniture purchased from consignment shops or obtained from prior tenant.

Recycle: Office Paper, Cardboard, Ink Cartridges, plastic, aluminum

In addition to the green office practices, Dakota strongly encourages mass transit usage by offering a Qualified Transportation Benefit (QTE) to full time employees. We also seek to educate employees and request that they implement (as much as possible) these types of green practices at client sites. In addition to our web site information, we also offer a Green column in the quarterly company newsletter which provides Green tips, links, and other resources to all employees.

Going Green!

Community Development: Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together      Rebuilding Together

Dakota contributes to a number of organizations within our community. We contribute as a corporate sponsor to several organizations as well as work on individual project/team organized activities.

As part of Dakota's corporate community support commitment, Dakota staff worked with Rebuilding Together, a national network of non-profits that provides critical repairs and renovations for low-income homeowners. On April 26, 2014, our Dakota West Team, worked diligently to restore an elderly woman's home in Denver, CO. Ms. Kimberly Bockman, Dakota West Manager, said, "There are many unexpected benefits of working with Rebuilding Together, including getting to know these wonderful people in need. A secondary benefit is the team building for our Dakota Team members, as this experience allows our group to see each other outside the work environment and build relationships and friendships with one another. The experience goes with us in our daily lives and helps all of us to be grateful for the things we have and look for ways we can contribute to the greater good."

During the 2013 holiday season, Dakota's Silver Spring office continued the tradition of adopting a family in need to make their holiday brighter. Dakota participated in A Wider Circle's holiday program which matches organizations and families. Dakota employees generously donated over $500 of gifts to the family of four. The mother joined us for a holiday luncheon on December 19th and was overjoyed with the gifts she was able to deliver to her family.

On September 21, 2013, Dakota West gave back to the Cole Neighborhood as part of the Rebuilding Together Metro Denver's Rebuild-a-Thon. The Dakota team spent the day working on a house that had not been maintained for many years. The years of neglect caused the exterior of the home to become susceptible to mold and rot. The team scraped lead based paint and primed and painted the outside of the home. They members worked on ladders most of the day stretching and sometimes contorting their bodies to scrape that last bit of paint off. Donning face masks, holding scrapers and paintbrushes and using a HEPA vacuum all while balancing on a ladder, our team prepped the house and cleared the way for additional work groups to continue the makeover.

In December 2012, our Silver Spring office organized a gift giving project as part of A Wider Circle External Link, a Silver Spring charity that provides support services to families moving from homelessness to a home. Staff contributed a wide variety of gifts to help a local familyin need. [See picture of family]

Since 2009, Dakota has supported Rebuilding Together Montgomery County External Link and Metro Denver External Link. Rebuilding Together is an affiliated non-profit organization that works in partnership with communities to revitalize homes and lives in ways that improve the health and safety for low income homeowners who are elderly or disabled.

The Rebuilding Together volunteer day is an opportunity for Dakota Consulting, Inc. to come together as a team and do something great for those in need. We provide assistance to homeowners in both of the communities where we work and live. The work day is a tough but rewarding experience for everyone who participated.

Many thanks go out to all of the volunteers and organizers that work hard to make Dakota's volunteer events a success!

Silver Spring, MD: Rebuilding Together 2010

Denver, CO: Rebuilding Together 2010

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